113th China Import and Export Fair
Visa Application
A China visa for overseas passport holders is required when traveling to the Chinese Mainland. Hong Kong and Macau have their own visa requirements though most travelers do not need a visa to visit these two Special Administrative Regions.
Category of Visa
Processing Time
Handling FeeHKD
(Valid from Mon-Fri only)
Single Entry Visa
3 working days
2 working days
Same Day Pickup
1 working day
Double Entry Visa
3 working days
2 working days
Same Day Pickup
1 working day
Half Year Multiple Entry Visa
3 working days
2 working days
Same Day Pickup
1 working day
Documents for visa applications

1. Valid passport or documents for travel in origin files;
2. One photo for visa application;
3. Fill in the Visa Application Form with applicant's signature attached whereon;
4. For those who immigrate by HKID, please bring along with HKID for application.

The above charge is not applicable for following 21 countries, please call for further information. (Tel: 2369 7251)
1. U.S.A.
2. Brazil
3. Belarus
4. Ukraine
5. Uzbekistan
6. Kazakhstan
7. Armenia
8. Moldova
9. Ecuador
10. Angola
11. Ethiopia
12. Gabon
13. Cameroon
14. United Kingdom
15. Panama
16. Chile
17. Bolivia
18. Republic of Congo
19. Iran
20. The Republic of Cote D'ivoire
21. Venezuela
Booking Requirements
- The visa applicant must be the holder of valid passport or documents for travel purpose. In case the documents or passport hereof are about to expire (should be at least a half year validity from the date for visa application) or there is no blank page attached on purpose of applying for visa, it is required to extend the validity of passport/travel documents or to have a makeup of the blank page before applying for visa.
- Please fill in the application form all required blanks with authentic and correct information and no alterations permitted.
- The applicant age below 18 should fill in and sign by parent. Must provide copy of the birth document, one of parents passport with the application form. (For the US passport holder, should provide both parents passport copy.)
- You may pick up your visa categorized as "Ordinary" after 14:00 on the 3rd working day;Visa categorized as "Express" available after 14:00 on the 2nd working day; Visa categorized as "One-day Pickup" available after 17:30 if you apply before 12:00 the same day.
- We are authorized to handle multi-entrance visa, visa extension and group visa.
- The valid days for the single Entry Visa is 30, and the valid days for the double Entry Visa is 90.
- Apply for the Half Year Multiple Entry Visa should provide the company name & address with the application form.
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