Hong Kong Working Visa

Working Visa Hong Kong & Employment Visa
Hong Kong Working Visa & Hong Kong Employment Visa
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Hong Kong Working Visa & Hong Kong Employment Visa

Hong Kong is a separate travel area from Mainland China. Hong Kong has visa-free entry for residents from over 170 countries and territories for trips ranging from seven to 180 days. Short-term visitors may conduct business negotiations and sign contracts while entering Hong Kong on a visitor visa or entry permit.

Visa requirements
Generally foreign nationals must obtain a visa before coming to Hong Kong to live, work or invest. Below are the main businesss/investment visas:

  • Employment Visa Hong Kong
    To employ people from overseas it must be demonstrated that the proposed employee has special skills, knowledge or experience not readily available in Hong Kong .

  • Investment Employment Visa Hong Kong
    This requires you to be a shareholder of a Hong Kong registered company, either by registering and setting up a company in which you are the major investor or investing in a Hong Kong-based company. You will be required to produce details on the viability of your proposed business, or your financial position if you wish to make an investment in an existing company.

  • Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES) Hong Kong
    This requires a capital investment of HK$10 million into a legitimate asset class in Hong Kong. Applicants must also demonstrate that they can support themselves and their dependents without public assistance. Approved CIES applicants are allowed to take up employment or establish a business.

  • Dependent Visa Hong Kong
    Persons who are successful in receiving one of the above visas may also bring their spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong provided there are sufficient funds and suitable accommodation for them. The limit on their stay is the same as that of the applicant sponsor.

  • Normally, dependent visas are issued as a matter of course as long as the requisite relationship exists (a couple must be legally married) and suitable proof is provided of:
    - Actual dependency
    - Evidence of the sponsor's ability and willingness to support the applicant's dependency.

Hong Kong Identity cards
Every adult (and child aged 11 years or above) who enters and is permitted to stay in Hong Kong for more than 180 days must apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card within 30 days of arrival. By law, you should carry your Identity Card with you at all times.

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Service items

1.) Hong Kong Investment Employment Visa
- A.) Newly established business
- B.) Business commenced for more than 2 years

2.) Hong Kong Capital Investment Visa
3.) Hong Kong Employment Work Visa
- A.) New application
- B.) Change of Sponsor
- C.) Change of Visa Type (Investment Employment)
4.) Employment Work Visa for Mainland Talents and Professionals
- A.) New application
- B.) Change of Sponsor
5.) Hong Kong Training Visa Application
- A.) Training Program is provided by the sponsoring company
- B.) Training Program is to be prepared by Anytours
6.) Hong Kong Dependant Visa
- A.) Apply with other Visa
- B.) Apply separately
Prices are exclusive of Government fee of HKD160
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