Amazing Scenery -- Shibazakura Bloom!

Amazing Scenery -- Shibazakura Bloom!


Shibazakura bloom from mid April to about late May. They spread over the ground like a pink carpet, and dazzle the eyes of those who visit. The following introduces three famous sites for Shibazakura that can be accessed easily


During the time when the first flowers bloom each year, the “Fuji Shibazakura Festival” is held. The view of Mt Fuji and shades of pink of the blooming shibazakura is spectacular. There are six different varieties and more than around 800,000 shibazakura, covering 2.4 hectares of land. Footbaths are provided at the venue during the festival period so that visitors can relieve the fatigue from their journey while enjoying the magnificent view.


Higashimokotoshibazakura Park
Opening dates: 3 May to 7 Jun
Access: Take Special Bus from Abashiri Station to the Park directly


Takinoue Park
Opening dates: 9 May to 7 Jun
Access: Take Direct Bus from Sapporo to Takinoue Bus Station, approx. 4 hours


Fuji Shibazakura Festival
Opening dates: From 18 April to 31 May 
Access: Approx. 2 hours from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station by JR Chuo Line or Fujikyuko Line. From Kawaguchiko Station, 30 minutes by “Shibazakura Liner” bus.

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